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Trauma-Informed Social Media

I just want to take a moment to emphasize the impact of each of our social media presence on others. I want to encourage everyone to make their social media presence safe, and to to be mindful of content that could be disturbing.

Sounds and images can be especially triggering. It is important to consider how upsetting it might be for people who have an actual stake in these stories to stumble across posts, stories, cover photos. We are often unaware of the previous traumas and experiences of our social media friends and followers. The images, words, quotes and headlines that you find poignant may be very damaging to someone else.

Please Add a Trigger Warning (TW) at the beginning of a post that may be disturbing. However, if the post has images, they can’t be unseen.

Do Not share things that you find poignant, moving, impactful because those are the most likely to be traumatizing.

However, also be mindful not to forget. Posting a simple candle, Never Forget, or a simple sentence is sufficient. Also be mindful that it is disrespectful if your own posts are all about self on dates of mass trauma or their anniversaries.

It can also be worthwhile to find other avenues for expression. Post in a group chat, talk to friends or family, participate in community organizing events, or hash it out with a therapist.

Avoid what you find disturbing yourself, as repeated exposure increases trauma. People often feel they cannot look away, but it is important to do so, and to stay out of comment sections that are inevitably emotionally charged.

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